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Founded in 1998 as a partner company, Anderil specializes on steel fence posts of various types and standards with a total solution to the steel fence system. Initially, fence posts of American standard, Australia standard and Euro standard; picket steel fence, chain link fence, galvanized steel fence, green coated steel fence, temporary fences and security fences. For a wide range of fencing uses for the airports, railway, playground, construction sites, perimeters, swimming pools and other uses.


"Anderil Steel Fence Posts Co. actually features two major categories of products, one is steel fence posts and the other is steel fence panels. "

Anderil regards the particularly close co-operation with all partners from steel fence & posts importers and exporters and distributors as one of the most important factors contributing to the positive development of the company. Anderil is thus able to cater for all requirements and always launch new developments.

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