About Us

Founded in 1998 as a partner company, Anderil specializes on steel fence posts of various types and standards with a total solution to the steel fence system. Initially, fence posts of American standard, Australia standard and Euro standard; picket steel fence, chain link fence, galvanized steel fence, green coated steel fence, temporary fences and security fences. For a wide range of fencing uses for the airports, railway, playground, construction sites, perimeters, swimming pools and other uses.

Fence Post Caps

Post caps are frequently used for terminal posts, end, corner, and gate posts. They are also used on gate uprights and bumper posts. They simply tap on snugly with a hammer or pliers. We recommend aluminum caps for residential chain link jobs and pressed steel caps for commercial jobs, one per post.
Mesh Size: 1/2Inch-6Inch
Wire Dia: 0.30MM-5.0MM
Width: 0.9M-3.0M
Length: 15M
Fence post caps come in all size, shapes, styles, and colors and really depend on what best fits you, the homeowner.  Textures consist of:  Vinyl, Wood, Stainless steel, Glass, Aluminum, Copper