About Us

Founded in 1998 as a partner company, Anderil specializes on steel fence posts of various types and standards with a total solution to the steel fence system. Initially, fence posts of American standard, Australia standard and Euro standard; picket steel fence, chain link fence, galvanized steel fence, green coated steel fence, temporary fences and security fences. For a wide range of fencing uses for the airports, railway, playground, construction sites, perimeters, swimming pools and other uses.

Garden Steel Fencing

Steel fences for garden are simple to erect, painted in different colour, extremely sturdy, rain-treated.

These fence panels are ideal for children's play areas, pet runs, or would just compliment any home or garden, the fence panels have a smooth finish, making them child and pet friendly.

Standard Sizes: 6ft x 1.5ft (1.8m x 0.60m)

Custom size and design available.