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Founded in 1998 as a partner company, Anderil specializes on steel fence posts of various types and standards with a total solution to the steel fence system. Initially, fence posts of American standard, Australia standard and Euro standard; picket steel fence, chain link fence, galvanized steel fence, green coated steel fence, temporary fences and security fences. For a wide range of fencing uses for the airports, railway, playground, construction sites, perimeters, swimming pools and other uses.

Y Fence Post

Y shape steel fence posts is weather resistant with the coating of green paint

Material: Plain carbon steel

Width: 4mm ; length: 8mm

Flange width: 3mm ; length: 21.5mm


- Hot-dip galv. steel fence post

- PVC-coated steel fence post

Y arm posts are popularly used with security fencing mesh panels (chain link or welded mesh) for attaching razor or barbed wire. This kind of fence system is also called Y Post Fence.

Supply of Y Post Chain Link Fence for the Premises Security and Protection

The fence system will comprise the fencing wire, fencing posts, Y – arm top post for accommodating the razor wire, corner posts and gates to meet the specified dimensions, codes and standards.

Fence height – 2,000mm (2,500mm with Y-arm post ) 
Post spacing – 2,800mm

Chain link fence shall meet the following general fence dimensions:

  • Fence height: Ground to top of mesh – 2,000mm
  • Post length: 2,800mm
  • Y-arm top on posts / Y post for installation of razor or barbed wire; overall height ground to top of Y-arm: 2,500mm
  • Easy to install vehicle (2 wings – each min. 1,500mm of width ) and pedestrian gates (min. 1,500mm of width)
  • Tensioning system (tension wires; tensioning bars; etc. as required)
  • Post braces on all terminal, gate, and corner posts
  • Fence must withstand gusty winds of 160km/h minimum.  

Material Specifications

Galvanized Steel Y Post Fencing Details
Chain Link Fence System: Chain Link Fencing Panel, Barbed Wire Holder, Gate Post, Tension Bar, Tensioning Wire

Fencing Posts

Fencing Posts made from galvanized seamless or welded steel pipe as per DIN 2448 or DIN 2458.

Vertical posts to be circular hollow section hot dip galvanised steel as per DIN 2448 or DIN 2458 (or equivalent approved international standard). Corrosion resisting treatment by zinc or aluminium coatings.

Tube Post Diameter: Minimum overall diameter 76mm; tubular wall thickness to be 2.6mm minimum for the line fencing posts; 3.6mm minimum wall thickness for terminal posts ( end and corner posts).

Steel grade min St37 as per DIN 17100 or equivalent.

Mesh Fence Panels Fixed with Support Post
Y Post for Bracing of Mesh Panels in Security Fencing System

Fence Gates

Gate frame made from galvanized seamless or welded steel pipe as per DIN 2448 or DIN 2458, min dia. 48mm, min wall thickness 2.6mm Steel grade min St37 as per DIN 17100 or equivalent.

Chain Link Fence Gate Details
Drawing Reference for Fence Gate, including Barbed Wire Holder, Mesh Wire Fence Panels, Lock, Brace, Frame and Post


Chain Link Fence Gate is a galvanized tubular system as per DIN 2448 or DIN 2458 or equivalent approved international standard.

Framing is to be made from galvanized steel tube of minimum 76mm diameter.

The gates are to be complete with hinge pins and bolts for attaching to the strainer.

Gates to be made to hang in line between posts for 90 degrees inward double leaf openings for vehicle access and single leaf openings for pedestrians. Occasionally it may be required 180 degrees openings.

Chain Link Mesh

Aluminized Steel Mesh Netting

Galvanized zinc and aluminium coated steel wire to conform to DIN 1548 & DIN 1199 or equivalent approved international standard and to be:

- 50mm mesh
- 3.0mm line wire diameter
- Supplied in 30m rolls.


Alternative Mesh:

Chain link mesh made from zinc-aluminium-coated steel wire dia. 2.5mm as per DIN 1548, mesh size 40mm as per DIN 1199; or equivalent.

  • Tension wire made from zinc-aluminium coated steel wire as per BS EN 1461 or DIN 1548, diameter. 3.1mm or equivalent.
  • Binding wire made from zinc-aluminium coated steel wire as per BS EN 1461 or DIN 1548, diameter. 2.0mm or equivalent.

Razor Barbed Wire

Y Post Support Razor Barbed Wire Fence
Security Fencing Razor Barbed Wire to be supported above Y arm posts
Type: Concertina
No. Of Rows. 3
Loop Wire Diameter: 600 mm (±50mm)
Material SS - 316 Blades
Galvanized Core Wire Dia 2.50mm(± 0.2mm), Loops 24
Standard: (±1) as per ASTM F1910

Miscellaneous Parts

All miscellaneous parts and items are made from galvanized steel with hot dipped corrosion resisting treament.

  • Tension bars
  • Tension bands
  • Hinges
  • Post tops
  • Rails and rail ends, rail end bands
  • Latches
  • Carriage bolts
  • Tension wire clips
  • Turnbuckles, etc

Materials Technical Standards

  • Chain link mesh meets requirements (3.0mm wire-DIN 1548 or BS EN 1461 or equivalent approved; 50mm mesh-DIN 1199 or BS EN 1461 & BS 443 or equivalent approved)
  • Posts meet requirements (60.3x3.6mm/2.6mm-DIN 2448 or DIN 2458; St37-DIN17100 or BS EN 1461 or equivalent approved)
  • Tension wire meets requirements (3.1mm-DIN 1548 or BS EN 1461 or equivalent approved)
  • Binding wire meets requirements (2.0mm-DIN 1548 or BS EN 1461 or equivalent approved)
  • Misc. materials meet requirements (DIN 50976 or BS EN 1461 or equivalent approved)

Specialized Tools for Fencing Construction

Tools for the Chain Link Fence Construction can be provided upon request in the delivery including but not limited to: Fence Pliers, Barbed Wire Stretch Tool, Tie Wire Twisting Tool and etc.

Quality Warranty

All fencing items are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

 Y Post Fence FAQ

1. The minimum overall diameter of post tube is 76mm?
76mm minimum diameter with wall thickness of 2.9mm and for corner post min dia. 160mm, wall thickness 3.6mm.

2. How many gates (single leaf opening for pedestrians and double leaf for vehicle access) are required for 2 kilometers of Chain link fence?
Four gates.

3. Detailed requirements for tension bar on the top?
Diameter 76mm wall thickness of 1.8mm and a length of 2800mm.

4. How many corner posts are required for 2 kilometers Chain link fence?
10 corner posts.

5. The required post length and fence height?
Fence post length is 2650mm, fence height is 2,000mm and the Y-top arm has a height of 500mm.